The power has been achieved by the combination of producing the rifle with a long stroke piston and specially developed piston recoil damper valve and the well tried Theoben H.E. gas ram system.

Power is unchanging for thousands of rounds. No maintenance required and totally reliable. In fact in many situations this rifle will rival the job that a rim fire rifle can do without the problem of over shooting. When using the pellets recommended by Theoben the accuracy achieved by well known target shooter and writer, Terry Doe was outstanding, even at 50 yards. However, care must be taken on selecting pellet types because many just won't stand the pace.

The Evolution Trigger mechanism is based around a falling block system. It is a fully 2 stage unit with adjustment for second stage weight and travel. All calibers are fitted with high quality, selected Walther barrels so accuracy is guaranteed. The stock is made from Walnut as standard, but has the option of Laminate, which is extremely pleasing to the eye and completely stable in use. All Eliminator rifles are fitted with Vortex silencers.

Power is unchanging for thousands of rounds - Patented Gas Ram H.E. System - No maintenance is required








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